Jaanaru Kazuto

sore o yomanaide kure!

7 June
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Hiya! I'm Yukimura Kazuto. I'm a 3rd year student at Hyoutei Gakuen. Tennis is awesome, and I'm finally a regular! :D

This is how you spell my name:

So no, I have no relation to Yukimura Seiichi, previously of Rikkaidai Fuzoku.
About Yukimura Kazuto:
Age: 14
Height/Weight: 171 cm, 59 kg
Blood Type: B-
Left or Right: Right
School and Grade: Hyoutei Gakuen, 3rd year
Play Style: All-Rounder
Any Signature Move: Disappearing Serve -- he is the only other player besides Fuji Shuusuke to successfully execute this serve. Zero-Gravity Drop Volley
Brief History: Lives with mother, father, 2 younger brothers (Masato and Kirito). He has been playing tennis since shougakkou roku-nen (6th grade) and developed quite an offensive style. He joined Hyoutei's tennis club when he was a 1st year but never got a chance to be chosen as a regular. He's good friends with two other members of the club, Ashiwara Keisuke and Taoka Shozo, both who are his kouhai. Kazuto is a very outgoing boy. Happy-go-lucky, bright as day, and a good source of encouragement. But like all Hyoutei-types, he lets you know that he can kick your ass... in tennis. He learned the method of the Disappearing Serve after eavesdropping some information on how to do it from Seigaku and finally perfected it before the previous school year came to an end.